About Us 

In unity God commands a blessing! 

Valley of Abundance (VoA) is a Section 18A approved registered Conduit PBO that provides funds, assets, services and other resources by way of donation to PBO’s which has been approved in terms of section 30. Valley of Abundance provides these services and funds to registered PBO's to facilitates community transformation through a process of mobilising, analysing, planning, funding, implementing and reporting to ensure impact in people’s lives.  We aim through our involvement to unite businesses, government, NGO’s and churches behind an integrated development plan to revive & transform disadvantaged communities. 



Over the past few years we have developed a model for lasting transformation within disadvantaged communities that can be duplicated through South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world. 

Valley of Abundance are focusing on:

Caring for communities through working with NGO's.
Empowering communities through job creation and skills development with local businesses.
Building unity and giving people purpose in their communities with local churches and ministries.
Empowering communities through transforming their physical environment with local government.


Our VISION is to have communities of abundance for all.



Our MISSION is that we strive to achieve this by uniting the plans and resources of the government, businesses, churches and NPO’s at Enablement Centres in wards to assist transformation.


Our Bible-based values are:  Eternal impact, Prayer, Discipleship. 

We also value transparency, integrity, unity and teamwork.

VoA Model

Our Partners

In order to achieve our goals, we have partnered with two important organisations to help us facilitate this process. We work in close collaboration with these businesses who play a vital role in the process and execution of our projects. Companies and organisations that are instrumental in our overall success are:


Jabez, Topwatch, Nibbly Bits, PYM61, ReBorn, Emerald Foundation, Foodbank, Work 4 A Living,

Boland Pest Control, In2Food, Isipani Foundation, Drakenstein Municipality.

Get Involved

If you would like to be part of this project, please contact any of the team members or send an email to admin@valleyofabundance.co.za.  You can also visit any of our quarterly information and network events.

If you read this and you are not even a follower of Jesus, but want to get involved because you want to start doing something, please contact us!

Our values are that of love for all and no discrimination. Although our team members are driven and motivated by their love and commitment to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, anybody is welcome to be part of this project.

If you have ideas to assist us, or just want to get involved in any way, please also contact us!

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20 January 2017
We are all part of a nation, filled with 3.7 million orphans, of which 150 000 are believed to be living in child-headed households. The majority of these orphans in our country is born into circumstances in which their caretakers struggle to find and keep a job, and then often can’t provide for the child’s most basic needs, such as food and shelter.
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A Harvest that is plentiful

05 November 2016
I easily spotted Nozuko in the restaurant, talking on her cellphone and giggling whilst drinking a large strawberry milkshake. She had the warmest smile and I immediately felt comfortable in her presence. Little did I know that this was such an important part of who she is and this was her key to reach the untouchable.
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It's the doing that counts

16 October 2016
We all live in the same valley, yet some of our worlds differ entirely. We hear the stories, we see the product of our broken society, yet we turn our cheek and harden our hearts. “Somebody else will help them. I donate my unwanted goods, what more should I do?” – Does this seem familiar?
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Cutting Edge Hospitality

03 October 2016
When God speaks, you’ll know it’s Him, and you will listen. Among many others, Mark Maingard from Paarl, can testify that when this happens, your life will never be the same again and by being obedient to God, many things will change for the positive.
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